About Me

Hello! Glad to meet you.

Congralutions on being the first reader interested to learn about me!

Hello, again. I am Abhishek.

I am just a guy who writes for fun.

A guy who is hero for fun
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Extended Backstory

By the end of first year, I felt my life was getting too one-dimensional. I would spend all my time locked up in my room, working on some project. For an idea about how bad my situation was, I had skipped most of the cultural fest working on something I don’t even remember now.

My friends would ask, “What did you do over the weekend?”. I would never have an interesting answer. I could feel them regretting even asking, for they knew answer.

Over the summer, I was determined to change this. I signed up for ACM’s literary SMPs. I started running three days a week. I even gave up Netflix and Chill, replacing it with some Neruda and Ball Dancing. (Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?)

And I started this blog.

The blog is the centerpiece of all my different pursuits.

You might read a article on The Mistakes I Made In GSoC Proposal, followed by a higly controversial article on Why One Punch Man Is My New Favorite Show finishing it off with some motivational A Guide to Intermittent Fasting: Turns Out Skipping Mess Food Is A New Fad.

I will be adding articles every once in a while.

That was a lot about me! Drop by and say hello. Trust me, I have much more to talk about.