Why I Write

Nov 3, 2018 by Abhishek Kumar

I had always wanted to start a blog for some reason. Let’s delve into my childhood for some Freudian style deductions.

My childhood was typical of an Indian nerd, born in 1999, and on the cusp of computers being mainstream. I remember playing Road Rash when I was 5 years old. It’s safe to say that I was addicted to gaming. I spent most of my childhood playing various games, although I have a fixation with RTS games. I even had an email address aoelovers@gmail.com. Thank god, there wasn’t anyone else who loved Age of Empires like me. Now PC games are all cool and fun, but they aren’t a exactly useful skill in every day life. I had missed out on a lot of social interaction, grew to hate being outdoors and sports. My parents were also unhappy about this.

And my parents were a whole new can of worms. My childhood is much more defined by their absence, rather than presence. I like to joke that over 15 years of my life, me and my father had spoken only 5 pages of dialogue. My parents, while loving and caring are woefully unprepared for being parents. I don’t have many memories of being close to my parents, and didn’t really converse with them. They were busy in their worlds, as I was in mine. [My relation with them is much better now, thanks for asking :)]

I have always struggled with “expressing” myself. People have in nicer terms, called me straightforward or honest, but also robotic and blunt. And given the description of my childhood, hidden away from everyone and everything, busy in my own world, it’s easy to see how did I turn out like that.

This blog is me, expressing myself

Yep, that’s it! This blog is me, learning to express myself in front of a larger audience.

See You Later, Aligator!

I need to work on a new catchphrase.