Ruby On Rails


LinkedIn for Research Scholars


Brings a variety of relevant features for research scholars such as grants, papers and upcoming seminars.

Created during NIT Conclave Hackathon 2019 with Nirmal Khedkar on the theme Inter NIT Communication.

We finished in top five out of 22 NITs, which isn’t a bad effort for some second year kids ;).

Digital Voting Platform

Ruby On Rails, Blockchain

In Progress

A blockchain based voting application for NITK community.

Digital Voting Platformclose

I have worked over this project with Harsh Agrawal and Krishna Swaroop during the ACM-IE Digital Hackathon in 2019.

We hope our application will be integrated with the actual class representative and committee elections soon.


Shell Scripting, Linux


My collection of dotfiles which heavily customize the experience.


Dotfiles are plain text configuration files. The name derives from the leading . in their names, making them hidden.

I have spent a lot of time configuring and adjusting my desktop. Setting up a new VM or even desktops is difficult and error-prone. In true Linux tradition, I made a few helper scripts to automate the proccess.


Ruby on Rails


A Web Application to create, moderate and submit surveys.


Created for Web Club Recruitment Task, 2019.


Ruby, Markdown

In Progress

NoteTaker is a barebones notes-taking app which renders a nested markdown directory to HTML.


I had the idea for this project as I couldn’t find any markdown-based note taking solution which work well with Vim. I had some experience with Jekyll, which lays a lot of groundwork for this project.




Ruby, Systems, CI-CD

DebianCI is an automated system that coordinates the executation of automated tests against packages in the Debian system.


I have been contributing since March 2019, as a part of GSoC although I couldn’t be selected. Debci was my first experience with a professional standard codebase. I learnt a lot about coding conventions and standards. Contributing to Debci helped me improve my ruby skills.


Ruby on Rails, Web Development

IRIS is a team of motivated students from NITK Surathkal, developing and expanding a digital portal that ensures that all administrative, academic and alumni related procedures take place methodically.


I have been working primarily as a backend developer since January 2019, after a winter internship in December 2018. I am proud of my work at IRIS, and it’s gratifying to see my contributions make life easier for people at NITK.


Skills And Achievements

I am Abhishek Kumar, Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science And Engineering (2022 Batch) from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal.

I specialise in web development, as a backend developer. I am proficient in, and have a preference for Ruby on Rails but have worked with Django as well.

I admire the Open Source Philosophy and am an avid user of Linux. I am a console-addict and look to automate my workflow. I use Arch, btw.

I am exploring Artificial Intelligence in my free time. I relish taking new challenges and figuring things on my own.

My fellow programmers describe me as someone obsessed with coding conventions and documentation.

Here’s a generic resume (Last updated: 1st September, 2019).