Google Summer of Code

I was selected as one of the Google Summer of Code students for Git in 2020, working on Implement Generation Number v2. You can find code on my repository.

gsoc | Aug 9, 2020
GSoC - Weeks 9, 10

Over the last two weeks, I worked on handling mixed commit-graph chain and adding tests for the new features.

gsoc | Jul 26, 2020
GSoC - Week 8

Over the week, I wrapped up the failing tests for generation number v2 pull request and published it to the mailing list.

gsoc | Jul 21, 2020
GSoC - Week 7

Implementing corrected commit date offsets was a trial of tests and debugging

gsoc | Jul 12, 2020
GSoC - Week 6

After the exhaustive performance testing and much discussion, I worked on implementing corrected commit date with generation data chunk. Meanwhile, I found a performance regression in `commit-graph write --reachable --changed-paths`

gsoc | Jul 5, 2020
GSoC - Weeks 4, 5

After the initial response to last week's performance numbers, it was time to dive deeper and investigate more possiblities. Meanwhile, I took off on a side quest to optimize commit graph write.

gsoc | Jun 21, 2020
GSoC - Week 3

I compared performance of metadata chunk and generation data chunk approaches with corrected commit dates with monotonic offsets

gsoc | Jun 14, 2020
GSoC - Weeks 1, 2

I worked on moving struct members generation and graph position out of commit, one of pre-requistes for generation number v2.